MTS Sensors - Data Protection

Data protection
If you are requested to specify personal data, e.g. name, address or phone number on our website, this data is stored and processed in compliance with the German regulations on data protection. On this website, data is collected and stored in anonymous form for optimization and marketing purposes with the support of the Tracking-Systems "netUpdater® LIVE" of Open New Media GmbH and AUMAGO GmbH. For this purpose, cookies can be used, however, data storage is exclusively pseudonymous. The data is not used for personal identification of website visitors. Data is not utilized with reference to particular persons. As far as IP-addresses are collected , they are anonymously stored by deleting the last number block and can not be merged with the cookies .It is possible to object to the data collection and storage at any time. This objection is valid for future visits of this site using your browser .