Human Resource Development

It is our people who lead to our success and enable us to strengthen our position in the market on a daily basis.

Our Personnel Development is therefore an important part of our Human Resource work. Annual evaluations not only help us to set goals and find potential but also offer an opportunity for feedback between our trained-to-coach leaders and their group members.

We offer participation in external seminars as well as in-house training for groups and project teams.

We also organize potential analysis for further career and individual coaching by professional experts for chosen employees.

Our competency-orientated career model enables our employees to grow on a personal level and to increase their area of responsibility and thus allows them to take on interesting and diversified tasks.

The much quoted demographic restructuring in our society today offers no cause for concern as we prepare our employees for possible future tasks within the frame of our timely and careful succession planning. With the help of our Individual Development Plans we can support you in your strengths and research areas for potential improvements.