Sensors for Mobile Hydraulics

 Technical Documentation
 Brief Instruction MH-Series (EN) (551897 Rev B)
 Installation Manual MH-Series (EN) (551289 Rev C)

 Operation, Installation and Protocol Manuals M-Series

 Operation Manual MH/MS/MT analog (551290 Rev B)
 Wiring Diagram MH/MS analog (901509 Rev A)
 Installation Manual FMH (551883 Rev A)
 Operating Manual MH CANopen (551291 Rev B)
 Wiring Diagram MH CAN (901510 Rev B)
 Protocol Manual MH-Series CANopen (901493 Rev 0.4)
 Protocol Manual MH-Series CANopen Safety  (901492 Rev E)
 Protocol Manual MH-Series SAE J1939 Standard  (901491 Rev A)
 Electrical Datasheet MH CANopen (EDS-File)
 Electrical Datasheet MH Safety CANopen (EDS-File)
 Electrical Datasheet MS CANopen (EDS-File) 

 MTS Test Equipment
 Analog Test Kit
  User's Manual  (551132 Rev B)
 Digital Test Kit
  Installation Guide (901508 Rev A)
  User's Manual (551292 Rev A)

   MTS Test Equipment 
     Digital Test Kit  
   Software-Installation (CANTestInterface_V235.exe) 
   Installation Manual 
   latest PCAN-USB driver (for Windows 7 to 10) - external link to

 Data Sheets
 Data Sheet MH5 Analog (551486 Rev F)