01.06.06 15:27 Age: 13 yrs

Rugged Position Sensor For Use In Extreme Environments

Shock- and Vibrationproofed Position Sensor

In harsh shock and vibration applications, the “mechanical noise” frequently causes measurement problems in sensing systems, and without good sensor data, it is impossible to control motion accuracy. This is why MTS has developed a new Temposonics® sensor with increased resistance to shock and vibration for heavy-duty machinery. These sensors offer best-in-class performance with vibration up to 30g(av) and single shock up to 100g – without affecting the accuracy of the measurement signal. 

This high level of resistance to external influences is due to a sophisticated waveguide system, which is the heart of magnetostrictive measurement technology. In conjunction with the advantages of non-contact measurement physics, the new shock and vibration resistant Temposonics® sensor offers performance characteristics that are unrivalled by other manufacturers in lengths up to 2000 mm.

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