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IP69K Position Sensor with Super Shield Housing

The new Temposonics® RS sensors with super shield housing ensure long-term linear position measurement in harsh environments, making them ideal for outdoor use, as well as applications requiring high-pressure wash-down cleaning. Hermetically sealed with a housing completely made of stainless steel, they meet the requirements of protection modes IP68 and IP69K and are reliably shielded against corrosion and penetration of dirt and water.

The robust, rod-shaped Temposonics® sensors have been developed for measuring lengths of 50-7600 mm. Due to non-contact measuring technology, sensor integration into a hermetically sealed housing is possible. A position magnet moves along the outside of the pressure-resistant sensor pipe and marks the position without mechanical contact. For level measurement, an optional float can be used. The modular sensor cartridge design enables the customer to choose the specific sensor output configurations to be installed within the super shield housing to best fit their application requirements. The measuring accuracy and all technical data correspond to the features of the sensor selected inside the housing. A wide choice of interfaces (Analog, Profibus, SSI, CANbus, DeviceNet, EtherCAT, POWERLINK) is available. Moreover, integration of ATEX-certified and intrinsically safe sensors is possible with the protective housing.

By combining Temposonics┬« R-Series sensors with this unique housing, MTS has developed a cost-effective solution to utilize their proven non-wearing, trouble-free technology in the harshest environments. This is of particular advantage with outdoor applications, waterworks and hydroelectric power stations, off-shore wind mills, steel mills or chemical engineering.

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