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Redundant Position Sensor: Maximum Safety and Availability

Position Sensor GT

The new magnetostrictive Temposonics® GT ensures maximum safety for all applications where a failure will have disastrous effects on safety and cost. For the redundant G-Series sensor measures critical variables by means of two or three independent, functionally identical measurement systems. They are completely independent and can be switched on individually.

Each measurement system comprises a basic sensor element, evaluation electronics with separate output signal and supply voltage. The basic elements are accommodated in a pressure-resistant stainless steel pipe for direct stroke measurement in hydraulic cylinders. The position magnet travels contactlessly along the sensor rod which immerges into the open piston and marks the measurement point through its wall. Pipe, thread and magnet have the well-proven standard dimensions.

The position measurement validity is checked by totals formation with inverse output signal programming (4...20mA, 20...4mA, total = 24) or by difference formation (difference = 0). If variations are detected, remedial measures can be taken immediately.

The measurement accuracy of Temposonics® GT offers the same well-proven performance as the standard sensors. Linearity better than 0.02% and repeatability better than 0.001% speak for themselves. Due to the high linearity, even minimum measurement differences are identified, whereby the error tolerance can be adjusted individually and adapted to the application. The stroke length is also selectable freely within 25 – 1500 mm.
At critical measurement points, Temposonics® GT provides safe linear position measurement, protects against failure and ensures availability without immediate replace. Applications are: motor actuated positioning at power station turbines; pitch adjustment of wind turbines or marine screw propellers; marine control systems and flood gates.

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