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Temposonics EH, EP and EL-Sensors now with SSI- and CAN-Outputs

EP, EL and EH-Sensors

Temposonics E-Series Sensors with new outputs

Effective and efficient - the compact Temposonics E-Series sensors EH (rod style), EP (profile style) and EL (ultralow profile style) are now also available with digital SSI- and CANOpen-outputs. Together with the existing analog interface and the digital Start/Stop-output MTS offers a complete product line with market standard outputs significantly extending the application possibilities. These robust sensors are ideal for measurement and control tasks in standard applications with limited space.

With the new intelligent interfaces, their robust signal transmission and highly exact position measurement, the magnetostrictive position sensors are the perfect answer to the increasing trend of application automation. Our sensors are an excellent alternative to reed-chain based sensors or limit switches in textile machines, machines in the woodworking industry, plastic injection molding machines or packaging machinery. They detect positions most precisely in the micron range and have an excellent price-performance ratio.

All sensors measure linearly, absolutely, and without reference run. The position measurement takes place without contact and is thus wear-free. The measuring lengths range from 50 to 2500 mm. With a linearity tolerance of better than 0.02% FS and a measurement repeatability of 0.001% F.S. the SSI-output sensors are available with a resolution of 20, 50 or 100 microns, and the CANOpen-output position encoders with a resolution of 10 or 20 microns. 

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