04.12.12 11:49 Age: 6 yrs

New Datasheet for the MH Agri - Position Sensor for Agricultural Machines

The new Datasheet for the MH Agri is available now.

MTS Sensor Technology is announcing the new TemposonicsĀ® MH Agri sensor for in-cylinder measurement of the cylinder position. The MH Agri, (identified by its green lid) targets large projects in the agricultural machine market and features the same technology of the standard MH but has limited specification fitting right into the target market.

The main features are:
- 12VDC power supply
- 0.25 VDC to 4.75 VDC output
- 10 mm pressure resistant sensor rod
- 300 bar operating pressure, 400 bar pressure spikes
- 50 to 1000 mm stroke range
- 50g shock, 15g vibration rating
- EMC tested to ISO 14982
- MTS proprietary M12 connector system for IP 69k when installed in cylinder

The MH Agri is designed to provide our customers with a cost effective solution for their position sensing requirements. MTS Sensors accomplished this by optimizing the electronic to the specific features and requirements of the agricultural machine market. Using new production processes and automation allows us to manufacture this sensor in large quantities and with that optimize the cost even further. Manufacturers of agricultural machines will now be able to replace rotary, potentiometric and angle sensors as well as proximity sensors with this highly reliable absolute, non-contact magnetostrictive technology that is protected inside the cylinder for a long life cycle. It will significantly reduce warranty and service cost, as well as improve the overall reliability of your agricultural machine. Call us for a competitive quotation and more information.

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