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StocExpo 2013 - Level Sensors for Tank Level Measurement

MTS Sensores will be exhibiting liquid level sensors at StocExpo 2013 in Antwerp (Belgium), March 19-21 (booth # E2).

Level Plus Model MG

The Level Plus model MG level transmitter is designed specifically for large aboveground storage tanks offering 3-in-1 measurement of the product level, interface level, and temperature from a single process opening.  Combining process variable measurements into one tank opening saves time and money by eliminating extra instrumentation, conduit, and wiring.

For large tanks the model MG is available with a flexible hose that allows for easy installation by two workers with basic hand tools and no special equipment.  The model MG does not require installation in a guide pole (stilling well) for standard tanks but it is recommended for turbulent tanks.  If there is only one guide pole on the tank and automatic tank gauging as well as manual gauging and sampling must be performed through the guide pole a spool piece can be added to allow all three processes to be performed.  The model MG can be ordered with a measuring length up to 22 meters where the measuring length is the distance from the mount to the tank bottom.

The model MG is available with Modbus RTU or Foundation Fieldbus.  Both protocols allow the measurement of the tank levels and tank volume.  Volume is calculated using a 100 point strap table that is entered into the model MG.  The Volume is pulled from the model MG and does not require any complicated PLC programming.  The volume is available as gross volume of the product, interface and total.  When ordered with temperature measurement the volume is also available as a temperature compensated net volume according to API standards.

MTS Sensors at StocExpo 2013, Antwerp (Belgium)
Booth E2