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MTS at OMC Ravenna 2013

At OMC Ravenna 2013, MTS Sensors, leading manufacturer and developer of magnetostrictive position sensors, shows a wide range of sensors for offshore applications.

Sensoren Atex, flexibel, Elektronik, seewassertauglich, redundant

Included are displacement measuring systems for applications in the field of oil, gas and energy as well as level sensors for tank level measurement. MTS presents sensors that – due to their design (Temposonics® RD4) or flexibility (Temposonics® RF) - are particularly suitable for installation under restricted space conditions or for very long displacements, sensors for use in explosion-hazarded areas (Temposonics® RH Atex) and displacement sensors featuring additional protection by a saltwater-resistant housing (Temposonics® RM). Redundant magnetostrictive position sensors such as Temposonics® GT3 provide a particularly high degree of safety. Furthermore, MTS presents novelties for absolute and contactless position measurement based on the magnetostriction principle.

OMC Ravenna 2013 (IT)
Hall 1, Booth G25