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New profile for flexible position sensor Temposonics RF

The new profile for the flexibele senror RF enables easy mounting and a cost-saving transport even for the use on very long machine axes.

The new profile for long strokes uo to 20 m

For the flexible TemposonicsĀ® RF with measuring lengths from 100 mm to 20 m there is a profile available now. Both, the sensor as well as the profile, are characterised by a space-saving and cost-effective transport. The new profile is suitably delivered to the nominal length of the sensor and consists of a basic profile with attached flange which the sensorā€˜s head is fixed to, and if necessary one or several extension profiles.
Due to the compact length of the detailed modules the profile can easily be mounted and enables the operation of sensors with longer measuring lengths even under limited space conditions. The profile protects the flexible sensor rod with the waveguide inside from external effects. A U-magnet or block magnet is attached to the moving mechanical part of the machine and slides over the profile without contact to record the position.

The robust industrial Temposonics RF sensor with repeatability of <+ 0.001 % F.S. and linearity of <+ 0.02 % F.S. is available with different interfaces (analogue, SSI, CANbus, Profibus-DP, EtherCAT) and for strokes up to 20 m as a result of its flexibility and the possibility of transporting the sensor cost-effectively. Customers now receive a sensor/profile version for long strokes as well from one source. The RF sensor can detect up to 30 independent position measurements and up to 5 position and speed measurements at the same time. This makes the sensor ideal for use in paper cutting machines or on very long machine axes.

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