08.08.13 08:41 Age: 5 yrs
By: Anke Hedfeld

New position sensor with extended stroke length for mobile hydraulics

The new Temposonics MH 200 enables displacement meaurements in hydraulic cylinders with stroke lengths up to 5,000 mm (200 inch).

Der neue MH 200 ├╝bernimmt z.B. Positionieraufgaben in Teleskoparmen

MTS Sensor Technologie introduces the new Temposonics MH 200 with an extended stroke length up to 5,000 mm. In particular, this range is suitable for lifting cylinders with a stroke up to 5,000 mm (200 inches), e.g. for controlling the telescopic arm position of telescopic loaders and working platforms. The device is presently the longest position sensor for displacement measurement integrated in hydraulic cylinders of mobile machines.

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