08.08.13 08:45 Age: 5 yrs
By: Anke Hedfeld

New Temposonics position sensor supports Profinet

The absolute, non-contact Temposonics position sensors for industrial automation are now also available with a Profinet interface.

MTS Sensor Technologie has taken into account the fact that the first-generation field buses currently in place in automation technology are being replaced by real-time-capable Ethernet (industrial Ethernet). The sensor meets the requirements of the Profinet IO Industrial EtherNet Standard and can be operated directly within a network with a decentralised periphery thanks to the integrated switch. It is certified and conforms to the Profinet Users’ Association (PNO) guidelines.

The Profinet IO RT data protocol, with its high transfer rate of 100 Mbit/s, has a high real-time capability that allows supporting flexible and powerful system integration, and improves responsiveness and process reliability. As well as the CANbus, EtherCAT, Profibus and SSI protocols, there is now another option available for synchronous measurement for real-time sensing. In addition to the position signal, the new Profinet sensor also detects speed values, guaranteeing the best regulation properties even with complex drive tasks. With multi-position measurement, a single sensor with several magnets can record various positions or speeds simultaneously. The sensor can be easily installed with standard plugs and cables and then straightforwardly be configured through the control system.

The sensor is available both as rod version to be fitted directly into the hydraulic cylinder, and as profile version type (aluminium) for external attachment to the axis of motion. The measuring lengths range from 25 to 7600 mm (rod) or from 25 to 5000 mm (profile). The sensors have a resolution of up to 1 micrometre with a repeatability better than 0.001% F.S. Diagnostic LEDs in the sensor head provide information on the status of the sensor at all times.

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