01.08.13 08:41 Age: 5 yrs
By: Anke Hedfeld

Temposonics EE - New sensor integrated into hydraulics cylinders

MTS Sensor Technologie has extended its product range of industrial sensors with a new, compact magnetostrictive position sensor can be completely integrated into the hydraulic cylinder.

The new Temposonics® E-series embedded sensor (EE) with its stainless steel housing, pressure-resistant sensor rod and flange is suitable for installation in small or clevis head cylinders. The sensor head is located in the cylinder base, the rod is fitted into the piston rod. A ring shaped position magnet, which slides over the sensor rod without making any contact, is fitted in the piston and calculates the cylinder stroke's position. The contactless measuring process means the sensor does not wear out.

The Temposonics® EE measures positions with high precision, thus achieving a practically infinite resolution with the analogue output (4…20 mA). Its repeatability is < + 0.005 % F.S. with a linearity deviation of < +  0.02 % F.S.. Thanks to progress in waveguide technology and the advancement of electronics, the EE works with extreme resistance to interference. Its set points are calibrated at the factory. No recalibration of the position sensor is required throughout its entire lifetime. Connection to assembled cables is cost-effective using an M12 plug. It is available in stroke lengths from 50-2500 mm.

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