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MTS Sensor Technologie will showcase intelligent solutions at EMO Hanover 2013

MTS Sensor Technologie will showcase a wide range of different sensors at EMO Hanover 2013 for meeting customers’ increasing demands in industrial automation.

In line with the EMO theme “Intelligence in Production” MTS Sensors offers intelligent solutions for a variety of application fields: Sensors with compact or flexible designs as well as sensors for real-time measurement.

The Temposonics® E series sensors are compact and cost-effective. The design rod style (EH), profile style (EP) and ultralow profile style (EL) are available with digital SSI- and CANopen-outputs. The sensors are best suited for measurement and control tasks in industrial applications with limited space.

The Temposonics® R series position sensors can be equipped with a Profinet interface now. The sensors meet the requirements of the Profinet IO Industrial Ethernet Standard. They are certified, conform to the Profibus & Profinet International (PI) guidelines and simplify the commissioning. The sensor is directly visible in the controller. The gauges also detect speed values, guaranteeing the best performance properties even with complex drive tasks.

Moreover MTS will present position sensors with flexible designs. The Temposonics® RD4 with a detached electronics allows separating the sensor electronics from high temperatures or high vibration levels and offers distinct advantage for space limited applications.

The Temposonics® RF sensor is characterized by its stroke length up to 20 m. Its flexible sensor rod offers extensive advantages for installation and transport. It can be shipped in a rolled up position. The RF sensor can also be used with a modular profile.

EMO Hanover 2013 - Hall 25, Booth G 19

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