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Temposonics® M-Series Position Sensor - With CANbus Interface

Since more than five years Temposonics M-Series linear position sensors are used successfully in the mobile equipment market. No matter if construction machinery, industrial trucks, cranes or agricultural machines – utilizing the well established magnetostrictive technology M-Series sensors are used in harsh environments where shock, vibration and dust provide challenging conditions.

Position Sensor MH CANbus

Integrated into hydraulic cylinders they deliver optimum measurement results with a linearity better than ± 0.04% F.S. and a reproducibility better than ± 0.005% F.S.. These sensors can handle vibrations of 30g(av) and withstand single shocks up to 100 g. Their magnetostrictive sensor technology offers absolute, non-contact, trouble free operation for years, without the need for adjustment or recalibration.

With the new CANopen or J1939 interfaces, the Temposonics® MH position sensor provides CANbus-based position feedback. As a slave device, it is connected directly to the fieldbus. In addition to displacement, it also determines the velocity during position change, in order to measure and control the movement behaviour of the cylinder.
This is particularly important with mobile machines which realise an overall movement using several independent hydraulic cylinders, which require synchronization. As the velocities and current position difference between two or more cylinders are continuously measured, the faster cylinder can be slowed down to avoid varying velocities, therefore, reducing the mechanical load and permitting improved response to load changes.

Connected to a digital controller, several manufacturers are already using the Temposonics® MH sensor with CANbus interface successfully for cylinders with a stroke from 50 to 1500 mm. Especially with construction machinery, truck-installed cranes and municipal vehicles, digital control systems are becoming increasingly widespread.

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