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GBS-sensor from MTS Sensors now available with SSI interface!

MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ:MTSC), a leading global supplier of test systems and position sensors, announced today that the Sensors Division introduced the SSI interface for the robust magnetostrictive GBS-sensor.

A SSI interface is distinguished by reliability and signal robustness in industrial environments. "These qualities add even more values for the Temposonics® GBS-sensor”, explains Dr. Olaf Kissing, product manager industrial sensors at MTS Sensor Technologie. “The sensor is designed to meet for example the special needs of gas and steam power stations and it can be operated at temperatures of up to 100°C."
With the SSI interface the GBS magnetostrictive position sensor obtains another customary output and allows a resolution of up to 5 µm. The programming software allows the user set and adjust eg. a synchronous or asynchronous measurement modus, the measuring direction, the coding and the data length.

The rod-shaped sensor is not only programmable using the hand-programmer unit, or via USB port using the computer, it is also suitable for wireless configuration via Bluetooth. This feature facilitates start-up and maintenance. The sensor is pressure-resistant, has a flat and compact electronic housing. Therefore it can be easily installed under restricted space conditions. As experience shows, turbines are an application comprised of high quantity of electronic moduls that are packed in very little space. The GBS sensor’s high immunity to interference is an enormous performance advantage.

The Temposonics® position sensor is available with a measuring length between 25 and 3.250 mm. It offers an ingress protection mode IP67 with adapted connector or protection to IP68 for models with cable output.  
"Flexibility marks our new magnetostrictive GBS-sensor: The user can select between SSI and analog output. The electronics can be programmed by wire or wireless via Bluetooth®. In addition the Temposonics® sensor provides reliable and accurate signals even at operating temperatures of up to 100°C. Last but not least it has an excellent price/performance ratio”, summarizes Dr. Olaf Kissing.

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