30.04.15 13:35 Age: 4 yrs

Temposonics® MH5 Sensor with stainless steel housing

The new generation of the magnetostrictive Temposonics® MH5-Series for mobile hydraulic applications is now as high-quality stainless steel version available

Conventional steel components exposed to permanent moisture are at risk of rusting. Stainless steel as used by MTS Sensor for electronics housing and sensor rods offers much better protection against rust than usual steel components.
MTS Sensors introduces the Temposonics® MH5 position sensor, the next generation of position measurement for mobile machinery. The new sensor has been developed especially for use in large-scale production series and offers a competitive price. For direct stroke measurement, the MH5 sensor can be integrated completely into the hydraulic cylinder, where it is protected perfectly against external conditions. The MH5 meets the requirements of mobile machinery. A special version, MH5 Agri, is also available fittings the typical efforts of agricultural machinery.
 “Applications where our MTS sensors are exposed continuously to liquid or moisture will quickly benefit from the advantages of the stainless steel version of Temposonics® MH5 position sensors. Durability due to protection against rust is a convincing argument”, says Esad Hasanovic, Product Manager Mobile Hydraulics at MTS Sensor Technologie.

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