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Temposonics® Connector System - Sensor Installation is now Child’s Play

Just CLICK and that’s it! The new universal Temposonics® connector system makes the installation of a position sensors for mobile hydraulics as easy as child’s play. Within seconds, the sensor is itegrated into the hydraulic cylinder and connected electrically. You will save valuable mounting time and cost.

Connector System for MH Position Sensor

The quick installation of a Temposonics® position sensor is due to the connector system for simple click-on mounting without the need of tools which has been developed by MTS. It is specially adapted to the requirements of the M-Series sensors that are integrated completely in the hydraulic cylinder for reliable position measurement in mobile applications.

And this is how a Temposonics® MH sensor can be integrated easily into a cylinder: The connector system is prefabricated and delivered by MTS together with the sensor, i.e. the contact carrier is already connected to the sensor conductors. During installation, the contact carrier is taken out of the cylinder through a bore hole and the flanged housing can be clicked in position easily from outside. Four standard screws must be tightened to mount the connector system on the cylinder and the job is done! Time-consuming solder and screw terminal connection of conductors, polarity errors or solder tags are history thanks to the simple “click-on mounting” method.

When installing the cylinder with integrated sensor in the mobile machine, the Temposonics® MH sensor with the new connector system can be connected at various angles using a universal M12x1 connector. Due to its minimum construction height, the installation of the cylinder is ideal where the installation has space limitations.

The Temposonics® connector system meets the most exacting protection requirement according to EN 60529 – a particularly important feature for the difficult environmental conditions of mobile hydraulics applications. Protection type IP69K makes the robust metal housing not only completely dust- and waterproof; even the harshest cleaning measures using high pressure equipment can’t damage the sensor.

By the way: Due to the new CANopen and J1939 interfaces, Temposonics® sensors for mobile hydraulics applications also provide CANbus-based position feedback. Versions with ISOBUS interface are available as well. The standard according to ISO 11783 permits consistent cross-manufacturer communication in agricultural applications. Convenient handling and operation of the mobile machine, increased accuracy of soil cultivation and improved quality of operation speak for themselves.

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