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Latest Magnetostrictive Sensor from MTS Offers Freely-Rotatable Electrical Connection

MTS Sensors, a division of MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ:MTSC), has extended its popular GB-Series of magnetostrictive position sensors by introducing the GB with threaded flange.

This flat format, compact device is highly suited to use in space-constrained industrial systems. As set points are programmable, the sensor can be configured to fit specific application requirements at the customer’s site. 

Inclusion of the threaded flange means that when the sensor device is screwed into a cylinder, the orientation of the side connector/cable outlet does not have to be pre-determined. The sensor’s electronic housing with the connector/cable outlet is freely rotatable against the flange (through a full 360°) so the electrical connection can be oriented as desired. In addition, the sensor’s modular design enables the sensor element and supporting electronics to both be removed while the flange is still installed in the cylinder. This means that opening up the hydraulic system is not necessary and operational downtime can be avoided. Adjusting the orientation of the electrical connection is easy to accomplish. It is done by simply loosening the 3 screws holding the flange, turning the sensor head against the flange until the desired orientation is attained, then re-tightening the screws. Replacing the sensor electronics is done in the same manner.

The GB with threaded flange is available with either an analog or a synchronous serial interface (SSI) output. An operating temperature range that reaches 100°C is supported (so that the need for bulky cooling mechanisms can be avoided). Thanks to MTS Sensors’ highly advanced Temposonics® magnetostrictive sensing technology, all members of the GB-Series exhibit strong resilience to electro-magnetic interference, vibration, shock and dust. As these devices deliver an absolute position measurement, they will provide ongoing accurate operation without the need to be recalibrated. 

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