04.08.16 09:04 Age: 2 yrs

New MTS Sensors electronic product catalog enables download of intelligent 3D CAD sensor models

The MTS Sensors innovative electronic product catalog, which has a number of features that engineers and buyers will find useful, is now available worldwide.

Users can download all MTS Sensors position sensors and liquid level devices as native data in one of more than 100 CAD system file formats. The data can also be integrated in the customer's purchasing process.

"Our business partners will be impressed by the features of the catalog," says Dr. Thomas Grahl, Managing Director at MTS Sensor Technologie. "Every day, MTS Sensors employees interact with customers, offering support for their applications, so we are familiar with their challenges. We believe they will find this electronic product catalog a great help. They can easily search for an optimal sensor solution, configure it according to their needs, and use the information right away. "

The electronic product catalog is available both offline and online on the CADENAS PARTcommunity. In addition, because the MTS Sensors CAD models are included in CADENAS's Strategic Parts Management system, PARTsolutions, customers can integrate the information into their purchasing process. The Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions is a universal search system for standard, purchased, and owned parts and provides many interfaces to information systems, such as PLM and ERP systems.

The catalog is also available on the MTS website under the button "3D Models ". A wide range of search and comparison functions are at disposal for engineers and buyers: PDF files with 2D/ 3D technical drawings and the properties of the configured sensor can be generated and downloaded immediately. "CADENAS delivered great support to us and we are very happy that our customers can now benefit from our new e-catalog. Some of the big advantages are ease of use, time savings, and error reduction", says Moira Lise, Marketing & Communications Manager at MTS Sensor Technologie.

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