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Temposonics® MT - Redundant Position Sensor for Mobile Hydraulic Applications

To ensure maximum safety and availability of mobile machines, MTS has developed the redundant position sensor Temposonics® MT. It offers optimum safety of the measurement – an important factor wherever failure could have high effects on safety and cost, e.g. with steering cylinders or booms.

Redundant Position Sensor MT

Thanks to the sensor housing’s reduced diameter of 48 mm the redundant sensor is even easier to integrate into small hydraulic cylinders used on mobile machinery. When measuring positions the model MT offers all advantages of magnetostrictive technology. It delivers optimum measurement results with linearity better than ± 0.04% F.S. and repeatability better than ± 0.005% F.S. which permits identification of even extremely small measurement differences. Any measurement length within 50 und 1500 mm is selectable, whereas the dimensions of sensor tube, magnet and thread remain standard.

The Temposonics® MT linear-position sensor features two completely independent measurement systems. Each system consists of a channel with basic sensing element, separate power supply, electronic evaluation circuitry and output signal. The basic sensing elements are accommodated in a pressure-resistant stainless steel tube for direct stroke measurement in the hydraulic cylinder. The magnet mounted on the bottom of the cylinder moves without contact along the measuring rod and marks the measuring point reliably through the wall of the rod. The control system checks the validity of the position measurement by comparing the two independent measured values.

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