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New CANbus output and Ex-certificates for Temposonics® T-Series sensors

The output range of the Temposonics® T-Series has been extended by adding a CANbus output. The extension is also conforming to the NEC standards 500, 505 and 506, as well as CEC, ATEX, and IECEx. Further new and important features for the T-Series are the Ex-certifications for safety-relevant areas in the Russian and Japanese markets.

The output addition to the position sensors allows for greater functionality. The CANbus output is now available and has the advantage that in addition to the position data, digital information can be transmitted precisely up to 2 µm. This means that status information can be observed during operation and, in case of a failure, comprehensive diagnosis capability is available.

The magnetostrictive linear position sensors of the T-Series have been developed for use in hazardous working environments, such as those that expose the sensor to flames or corrosive substances. The growing demand for sensor solutions which meet the requirements for explosion protection and functional safety are typically sought after by engineers in the power generation, oil processing, and chemical processing industries.

The position sensors with the CANbus output also carry ATEX and IECEx certifications and are NEC and CEC certified. Therefore these can be applied in the safety-relevant areas of Classes I, II, III - Divisions 1, 2 - Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G, as well as in the Zones 0/1, 21 and 22.

The latest additions to the series of certifications for the T-Series are the Ex-certificates, which apply to the Russian (EAC Ex) and Japanese market (certified by CML, the overseas certification equivalent to TIIS). This means that the position sensors can now also be installed in hazardous applications and areas in those regions.

The patented Temposonics® technology developed by MTS provides an extremely accurate non-contact method for measuring position which is suited to use in the most demanding of modern industrial applications. Based on this technology, Temposonics® sensors are highly resilient to vibrations, shock, and extreme pressure. Since these sensors are not reliant on moving parts, they have prolonged operational lifespans, with little or no maintenance required. Furthermore, they can be mounted within even the most space constrained surroundings.

"We are very pleased that we are now, thanks to the new Ex-certificates, able to offer our customers the T-Series sensors in the Russian and Japanese regions,"
explains Dr. Olaf Kissing, Product Manager at MTS Sensors. "From a global point of view, the new certificates and the two outputs CANbus and analog mean that even more customers are now able to integrate the T-Series position sensors into their automation processes in hazardous applications and areas."


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