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New interfaces and NEC & CEC Certificates for the E-Series ET

The Temposonics® E-Series ET Start/Stop is expanded with two new interfaces, analog and SSI. In addition to this, the company also announces that the ET position sensors are now internationally certified according to IECEx standards, as well as NEC and CEC, for the US and Canadian markets.

Industrial facilities dedicated to pressboard production or the processing of steel/iron need instrumentation that provides maximum safety and reliability, regardless of difficult working conditions. Both new interfaces are, depending on the application, ideally suited for the usage in high temperature areas or hazardous environments. The new analog interface option provides the customers with the simplest way of exchanging measurement data between the integrated sensor and the controller. The advantage of the new SSI interface is that it is robust and delivers digital, even more accurate, measurement data in a higher resolution.

"The expansion of our ET Sensor gives customers two more interface varieties so that they can choose the sensor depending on their application,”
explains Mr. Manfred Sapp, MTS Sensors’ Product Manager. “And with our new certificates, including NEC and CEC, customers all over the world can now also choose from a range of three different interfaces for their applications in the safety-relevant areas of classes I, II, III - Division 2 - Groups A, B, C, D, F, G, as well as in the zones 2 and 22.”

The patented Temposonics® technology developed by MTS provides an extremely accurate non-contact method for measuring position which is highly suited to use in the most demanding of modern industrial applications. The sensors based on this technology are thus highly resilient to vibrations, shock, extreme pressures. Since these sensors are not reliant on moving parts, they have prolonged operational lifespans, with little or no maintenance required. Furthermore, they can be mounted within even the most space constrained surroundings.

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