09.10.08 15:21 Age: 10 yrs

Quick configuration of TemposonicsĀ® position sensor via USB

The new MTS USB-Programmer allows quick configuration and easy testing of a embedded TemposonicsĀ® position sensor via PC.

UBS-Programmer for Temposonics Position Sensor

Remote configuration and diagnosis of sensors that are not easily accessible directly is now possible. Quick configuration reduces downtime and start-up is accelerated considerably.

After delivery, TemposonicsĀ® position sensors are factory-set according to order specification. The USB-Programmer allows easy and convenient subsequent change of parameters such as resolution, output action or measuring range. For this purpose, the programmer must be connected to the sensor and to a Windows PC using a USB cable. Once installed, the free-of-charge software delivered with the programmer displays as diagrams all measuring signals (position, velocity and position difference measurement) on the PC monitor. Moreover, it provides information on the connected sensor and diagnosis data. For example, in the software the start and end values of the measuring range can be redefined. Other tasks include assignment of the displacement and velocity modes to the magnets, checking of the temperature inside the sensor head and activation or deactivation of the internal linearization. Apart from the configuration and test functionality, the USB-Programmer also allows updating of the sensor software.

The USB-Programmer can be used to configure all R- and G-Series position sensors with either analogue or SSI interface. SSI sensors can be modified from the synchronous to the newly developed asynchronous measuring mode. In this operating mode, scanning cycles up to 10 kHz for dynamic closed-loop control are realized.

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Please contact us for a high-resultion picture of the position sensor (300 dpi).