13.05.09 11:48 Age: 10 yrs

Position Sensor for SIL2 Applications

Temposonics® absolute, non-contact M-Series position sensors are now approved for operation in safety-related applications. The sensors meet the requirements of Safety Integrity Level 2 (SIL2) to EN 61508 and therewith also the requirements of Performance Level d to EN 13849-1. This means the MTS position measurement systems are approved for safety functions on mobile and stationary machines. Measuring lengths from 50 mm to 2,500 mm are available.

This high degree of operating safety is ensured by built-in diagnostic functions of the M-Series position sensors. In the sensor head, signals are checked and changes are detected immediately. The transducer transmits the position value to the control system only after the diagnostic test. In this way, Temposonics┬« sensors provide a Safe Failure Fraction (SFF) of 95 % at a Hardware Fault Tolerance (HFT) of 0. They are designed for a high-demand mode of operation. Due to the SIL2 classification of the sensor, this corresponds to an average probability of failure (PFH) in a range from > 10-7 to < 10-6 per hour.

Designed for safety-related applications, the MTS sensors support the functional safety and contribute to meeting the safety targets of the entire machine. Possible applications are a variety of utility vehicles that must be in accordance with the special safety requirements. In the field of mobile hydraulics, these applications include steering systems of construction or agricultural machines and crane overload systems.

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