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Safe Parallel Guidance By Integrated Position Sensor With Velocity Output

Position Sensor MH

In mobile hydraulics applications, sensors are subject to a cluster of marginal conditions. In particular, process-dependent external effects beyond control, such as shock and vibration, stone impact, various climatic conditions, electric and magnetic fields, must be taken into account.

Frequent change of operators and place of application cause even more stringent requirements for ease of operation and safety. For this reason, a development focus in the cylinder and sensor field is on the integration of measurement systems into hydraulic cylinders. The advantages are obvious: increased signal quality without noise and direct position measurement without changing of the measured value. Special requirements on the actuators and measurement systems are made in the case of particular applications; mobile machines which control an overall movement by means of several cylinders, require synchronization of movements. Otherwise, there may be important differences in position and angles, mainly in case of varying cylinder load.

Therefore, MTS has developed the Temposonics® M series especially for integration into hydraulic cylinders. The sensor is protected against shock, vibration and extreme environmental conditions and offers  an unrivalled measurement rate, outstanding repeatability (better than +/- 0.005%) and stable linearity (better than 0.04%). External effects on the measurement signal are virtually excluded by interference suppression for HF electric fields up to 200 V/m, vibration resistance up to 30gav and shock resistance of more than 100g. Changes of the hydraulic oil during operation are without effect on the measurement. The magnetostrictive technology of Temposonics® sensors was invented by MTS and widely used and well proven in stationary industrial applications for many years. The magnetostrictive measurement principle is a warranty for wear and maintenance free absolute, contactless position measurement.

Temposonics® MH offers continuous measurement of both - position and speed - during the position change. The integrated sensor electronics permits parameter adjustment for evaluation of the cylinder piston speed and end position attenuation can be omitted. Due to the output of a velocity signal, highly dynamic control of the movement profile of several independent hydraulic cylinders is possible for the first time. It enables the power actuators to be developed into complex movement axes and permits realization of high-quality control systems. With electro hydraulic parallel guidance of excavators or loaders, for example, Temposonics® offer high signal quality and simple analogue transmission due to screening and a short signal lead.

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