Press Releases

Sep 05 2007

Temposonics® RD4 - Compact Rod-Shaped Sensor with detached Electronics

Limited space conditions are often a challenge when mounting a linear position sensor. In such application, the special design of the Temposonics® magnetostrictive position sensor model RD4 – the latest development in the MTS...[more]

Jul 23 2007

Temposonics® M-Series Position Sensor - With CANbus Interface

Since more than five years Temposonics M-Series linear position sensors are used successfully in the mobile equipment market. No matter if construction machinery, industrial trucks, cranes or agricultural machines – utilizing the...[more]

Apr 19 2007

Temposonics® Position Sensor with Internal Linearization

Make the most of measurement accuracy! The ever growing progress in mechanical engineering applications, make demands on the installed sensor technology and measurement accuracy. [more]

Mar 05 2007

Investment Creates Space For Further Growth

- MTS Sensor Technologie inaugurates new building -The successful story of MTS Sensor Technologie in Lüdenscheid (Germany) is reflected by the building that accommodates the company: The complex was extended by about one third...[more]

Feb 07 2007

Position Sensor Provides High-Speed Position Feedback For Industrial Ethernet

MTS Sensor Technologie expands its Temposonics® line of intelligent products with the R-Series EtherCAT sensor, a high-speed networking solution based on industrial Ethernet technology. The EtherCAT sensor, short for Ethernet for...[more]

Jan 01 2007

Redundant Position Sensor: Maximum Safety and Availability

The new magnetostrictive Temposonics® GT ensures maximum safety for all applications where a failure will have disastrous effects on safety and cost. For the redundant G-Series sensor measures critical variables by means of two...[more]

Jun 01 2006

Rugged Position Sensor For Use In Extreme Environments

In harsh shock and vibration applications, the “mechanical noise” frequently causes measurement problems in sensing systems, and without good sensor data, it is impossible to control motion accuracy. This is why MTS has developed...[more]

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