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Apr 19 2016

BAUMA 2016

Our BAUMA-highlights! Get inspired... once more!  EXTREME LONGThe Temposonics® position sensor MH 200 scores with an extended measuring range of 2500-5000 mm and therefore is it well suited to be integrated into boom...[more]

Nov 06 2015

High Resolution Magnetostrictive Sensors Exhibit Strong Resilience to Corrosion

Benefitting from an inherently rugged stainless steel design [more]

Jun 02 2015

High Reliability Sensing Solution Based on Advanced Magnetostrictive Technology

Built-in redundancy & detached electronics assure long-term operational integrity[more]

Apr 30 2015

Temposonics® MH5 Sensor with stainless steel housing

The new generation of the magnetostrictive Temposonics® MH5-Series for mobile hydraulic applications is now as high-quality stainless steel version available[more]

Apr 10 2015

The New Sensor ET: Reliable in Applications with High Operating Temperatures

MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ: MTSC), a leading global supplier of high-performance test systems and position sensors, today announced the new robust and ATEX-certified Temposonics® ET sensor for use in areas with high...[more]

Jan 21 2015

MTS introduces SIL 2 Compliant Sensors For Hazardous Area Applications

MTS Systems Corporation announced introduction of the new Temposonics® T-Series Sensor line for use in hazardous areas or safety areas applications. [more]

Oct 15 2014

GBS-sensor from MTS Sensors now available with SSI interface!

MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ:MTSC), a leading global supplier of test systems and position sensors, announced today that the Sensors Division introduced the SSI interface for the robust magnetostrictive GBS-sensor. [more]

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